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Novae is dedicated to developing and manufacturing the energy and power LIBs. Materials for anode of the battery cell include lithium iron phosphate, Ni-Co-Mn alloy and other chemical systems. Specifically, there are polymer LIBs, and large-capacity steel/aluminum shell LIBs, widely used for various EVs and energy storage devices.

NCM Battery Series

Item ENP2714893MA ENP27148130MB ENP27148130MA ENP27148130WA
Classification Aluminum prismatic
Nominal capacity 37 Ah 40 Ah 58 Ah 52Ah
Nominal voltage 3.65 V 3.65 V 3.65 V 3.65 V
Energy density 166 Wh/kg 171 Wh/kg 164 Wh/kg 169 Wh/kg
AC-impedance ≤0.8mΩ ≤0.8mΩ ≤0.8mΩ ≤1.0mΩ
Weight 825±10g 850±10g 1290±10g 1125±15g
Charge current 2C/4C(10s) 1C/2C(10s) 1C/2C(10s) 1C/2C(10s)
Charge voltage 4.15V±0.05V 4.15V±0.05V 4.15V±0.05V 4.15V±0.05V
Discharge current 3C/5C(30s) 2C/4C(30s) 2C/4C(30s) 2C/4C(30s)
Discharge end voltage 3.0 V 3.0 V 3.0 V 3.0 V

LFP Battery Series

Item EFP27148130WA EFP27148130MA EFP54175173WA EFP54175200WA
Classification Aluminum prismatic
Nominal capacity 40Ah 46Ah 150Ah 178Ah
Nominal voltage 3.2 V 3.2 V 3.2 V 3.2 V
Energy density 126 Wh/kg 139 Wh/kg 145Wh/kg 146 Wh/kg
AC-impedance ≤0.8mΩ ≤0.9mΩ ≤0.35mΩ ≤0.3mΩ
Weight 1010±10g 1060±20g 3300±20g 3880±20g
Charge current 3C/4C(10s) 1C 0.5C 0.5
Charge voltage 3.65 V±0.05V 3.65 V±0.05V 3.65 V±0.05V 3.65 V±0.05V
Discharge current 5C/6C(10s) 2C 1C 1C
Discharge end voltage 2.0 V 2.0 V 2.0 V 2.0 V