Production Line

As a battery manufacturer, Novae is always dedicated to provide quality products but with low prices, coupled with the brothers and enterprises energy system integrators to control the formation of synergies to clean energy to further protect the product safety and stability.

Manufacturing advantages

Fine production process: Zhenjiang factory for eight automatic production lines, production efficiency 100PPM. The use of fully sealed automatic pulp production process, high-speed double-coating, automatic correction, short circuit, plate winding equipment, the whole assembly line assembly, three-dimensional component capacity system.

R&D Center

Novae has strong research and development capabilities: to build batteries, structure, simulation and BMS all-round research and development system, starting from the needs of the system, the development of batteries technology and combination of technology, and strive to establish a vehicle and energy storage products.

Safety Test

Advanced Experimental Center and Analytical Tools

Experimental Center: in accordance with CNAS standard to construct the national power battery test center.

Material laboratory




Safety laboratory Ion chromatography Carbon and sulfur analyzer Laser particle size analyzer Surface area meter Vibration density meter

Mechanical laboratory


Universal testing machine Permeability tester

Surface tension tester

Surface resistance tester Rheometer



Electrical Performance Laboratory

Electrochemical Workstation

Accelerated calorimeter

Charge and discharge equipment

High and low temperature climate chamber

High temperature and high humidity climate chamber

Safety laboratory

Short circuit test system

Low pressure test box

Salt spray box

Squeeze acupuncture test system Impact test system

Vibration test system

Drop test system

Walk into climate chamber