Commercial Energy Storage Solutions

Energy storage system coupled with solar can maximize the potential of large solar installations by turning solar energy into a dispatchable asset for the installation owners. It also enables the safe integration of solar energy into the power grid, and offers valuable grid flexibility for commercial and industrial facilities.

More and more commercial and industrial customers are now using energy storage for grid arbitrage, EV charging for employee vehicles, and back-up power for critical infrastructure.

Novae provide fully integrated Commercial Energy Storage Solutions includes a scalable lithium-ion battery system from kWh-scale up to MWh-scale to support multiple use cases, such as demand cost reduction, peak-shifting, emergency back-up power, renewable energy, stable and independent gird, or more resilient grid.

Convergence of power grid and clean energy

Nowadays, more and more commercial and industrial facilities choose renewable energy, but they also cannot leave power grid, therefore it’s the time of convergence of power grid and clean energy. With energy storage systems, we can secure grid stability in the power supply including generation, transmission, and distribution. We can also enhance power quality by frequency regulation. Moreover, by effective management from ESS to get stable renewable energy such as solar and wind power.

Energy storage has come to the attention of building owners around the country because of the cost savings it delivers, as well as the range of services and benefits it can provide to facilities and the broader electric grid.

Energy storage project developers look to maximize services and benefits for end customers, an approach commonly referred to as “value stacking.”

Benefit of Commercial Energy Storage

Cost reduction

ESS helps to effectively use and manage your energy that leads to the reduction of the electricity bill. According to the charging system of each country, various solutions can be configured and applied for example: charging a battery with low-priced night time electricity and cutting electricity cost by lowering peak demands. For large buildings, ESS can be established to lower peak demands of the plant and reduce electricity cost. Besides large office buildings consuming a lot of electricity, hospitals, schools, factories, gas stations, and other commercial & industrial institutions can also expect the benefit of stable electricity supply and cost reduction by means of ESS. When connected to the private power station like a photovoltaic system, you can build a 24/7 operable private power network.

Energy arbitrage

Through ESS, customers could be able to store energy at night when the cost is low, and then discharge it during the day to offset expensive energy. Building owners subject to variable electricity pricing can leverage price gaps to reduce their electric bill. Charging the storage when electricity prices are low and discharging when prices are high shifts consumption to lower-cost electricity.

Backup Power

commercial and industrial facilities have invested significantly in local emergency backup infrastructure. With advanced storage solutions on the market today, there may be opportunities to upgrade this infrastructure to provide not only emergency backup, but also a host of other money-saving and money-making solutions. And by using this infrastructure on a daily basis for demand charge reduction, its reliability and availability in the event of an outage can be increased as compared to a standalone battery system and diesel generator that is only used during an electricity outage.

Grid and Electricity Optimization

When cooperate with on-site generation, energy storage can smooth electricity output, mitigating instability in electricity output due to changes in weather, temperature, shade, and other factors. Such systems may be particularly valuable to utilities in areas where renewables, such as solar PV, are in wide use. Manufacturing facilities and buildings with sensitive digital equipment can require consistent power quality. Variations in voltage supply can damage equipment or impede operations. Energy storage can provide fast-acting support to ensure that electricity from the grid meets the quality needed by end users.

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