Household energy storage

  • Residential 10kWh demonstration Qinghai household light storage
  • Commercialized residential energy storage Southeast Asia household light storage

Industrial and commercial side energy storage

  • 3MWh industrial user side Nanjing cut peak fill valley
  • 200kWh user side energy Internet Jiaozhou power support, FM
  • 100kWh industrial user side PPA Hawaiian Light Storage

Power grid and large power station

  • 9MWh grid facilities California support services
  • 54MWh grid facilities Canadian support services
  • 1MWh Renewable Energy Integration Shaanxi light storage
  • 20.7MWh Renewable Energy Integration Tibet light storage (4700 meters)

Peak shaving

Location: China Date: Nov., 2016 Application: Peak shaving Capacity: 3MWh

IESO Utility

Location: USA/Canada Date: Jun., 2017 Application: IESO Utility Capacity: 52.8MWh


Location: Southeast Asia Date: Nov., 2016 Application: Residential Capacity: ~300 kWh


Location: USA Date: Oct., 2016 Application: SCE Utility Capacity: 9MWh